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02/06/2013 Post 1

Well, today has started as any other day, approximately a 1 hour drive from home to work. And that’s when things changed! When I attempted to get out of my car my right leg suddenly went into spasms and extreme pain as my thigh  muscle in the right leg decided it was going to cramp up. I have had cramps behind my knees, I have had cramps in my feet, I have also even had cramps recently in my abdomen but I cannot ever remember having a cramp in my thighs.

From then until 10 o’clock everything went back normal. However at 10 o’clock I discovered that my client had come in and immediately started to destroy things! I understand why he did it, the fact that I was not here when he arrived and nobody thought it wise to keep an eye on him. If this was the first time this has happened I probably would not have a problem with it but the fact that this seems to happen 2 or 3 times a week and management does not seem to do anything to rectify the situation. I am thinking more and more that I need a different job.


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